Here you can find those members of our community who are actively involved in the SME Server Project, If you need to know who is an administrator (documentation, forum, translation) or a committer in order to push an rpm to sourceforge CVS or edit a protected page on the wiki, you are in the right place. However, if you want to contact them, the best way is to raise a bug in bugzilla, against the concerned package, the documentation page, or your language translation.


Information.png Tip:

In consideration of the limited number of people working on the project, and their free time which they give freely, please be precise, polite, and concise. The project only exists by theirs and others time and resources freely given.

Thanks a lot for their work!


You should read the page on volunteering in order to understand how you can become involved, no matter how much or little, in helping the community and these pages to develop around a Development Framework. We hope that you are able to find your place amongs us, do not hesitate to direct your questions to the Forums.

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Thank you very much for your help.


Current Stable Release:

showcase69th June 2021 - The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of SME Server 10.0 which is based on CentOS 7.#