A very big thank you to people who give freely their bandwith and servers to this project, without them it would no be possible to download and update your SME Server. It is not free for them, but it is free for you. Here are individuals or businesses that bring SME Server to you.

For a full list of our download mirrors see our download locations


mirror.canada.pialasse.com : Jean-Philippe Pialasse (unnilennium)

smeserver.bhs.mirrors.ovh.net : ovh.net


sme-mirror.firewall-services.com : Firewall-services

mirror.pialasse.com  : Jean-Philippe Pialasse (unnilennium)

aubrac-medical.fr : Stephane de Labrusse (stephdl)

mirror.chiropratique.org : Jean-Philippe Pialasse (unnilennium)


mirror.absolutnet.de : Thanks to him

Hong kong

smeserver.hkisl.net : Horace Ng hklist


smeserver.mirror.garr.it : Dr. Enrico Cavalli Garr


mirror.hakkers.com : Huib de Visser

ftp.nluug.nl The Netherlands Local Unix User Group NLUUG

ftp.surfnet.nl surfnet


mirror.chmuri.net (chmuri)

United kingdom

www.mirrorservice.org University of Kent's School Of Computing

United states

distro.ibiblio.org The Public's Library and Digital Archive