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Here are those people who have the right to apply your changes to the documentation area.

  • Paul Floor (Pfloor) administrator
  • (Mmccarn) administrator
  • stephen Nobles (Dungog) administrator
  • ian Wells (Wellsi) administrator
  • Greg Zartman (Gzartman) board and director
  • Shad Lords (Slords) bureaucrat, administrator and board
  • (Byte) administrator and bureaucrat
  • (Timn) administrator
  • Daniel berteaud (VIP-ire) administrator
  • Chris Burnat (Burnat) administrator
  • Terry Fage (Trex) administrator
  • John Crisp (ReetP) administrator
  • Stephane de Labrusse (Stephdl) administrator
  • Jean-Philippe Pialasse (aka unnilennium)
  • Brian Read
  • and probably more

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showcase69th June 2021 - The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of SME Server 10.0 which is based on CentOS 7.#